AUGUST 7-8-9



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Rassemblement Essence Gathering NB


We create gatherings events to live Atlantic Canada differently, in full consciousness, love and sharing. Nous créons des événements rassembleurs permettant de vivre les Maritimes autrement, dans la pleine conscience, le respect et le partage.

Rassemblement Essence Gathering NB was live.

We picked the winners for the Essence New Year event draw. Watch our next video to HEAR who won!

Rassemblement Essence Gathering NB

Ecstatic dance has started, and it's delicious!

Drum circle with Reg Roy

Rassemblement Essence Gathering NB

Feast for days!!!

Rassemblement Essence Gathering NB

Preparing for meditation and sound healing!! Feast and drum circle still to come. Come get your bliss on!!

Essence New Year! We're busting a gut in here!!

Today is a powerful day! What are you choosing to do with it?

If you need some inspiration, or want to celebrate the gift of life, come join us at our Essence New Year event, coming up in just an hour!

We will be having laughter games, affirmation art, meditation, a vegan feast, drumming circle, kirtan and ecstatic dance.

Celebrate the year ahead, connect with community and embrace all that is your essence.

See you soon! 🥰

Rassemblement Essence Gathering NB

Coming to our Essence New Year event?

You are encouraged to bring any drums, rattles and shakers for the drum circle.

We also suggest bringing a yoga mat or blanket if you like meditating with those things.

See you soon!!

Rassemblement Essence Gathering NB

We are honoured to welcome Reg Roy to host the drumming circle at our Essence New Year event.

Reg is a man with many stories, teachings and the gift of drum and song, always eager to share the beauty of the spirit.

We are excited to celebrate and elevate ourselves, syncing rhythm between heart and drum beat.